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We help guide small, medium and large businesses on their entrepreneurial journey and tailor a legal strategy that best connects with their goals and needs.

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We deliver counsel that aligns with your business strategy, helping you manoeuvre the legal world and making the law practical and accessible. The law shouldn’t be confusing but concise enough for all to understand.  For us, accessibility means that all stakeholders know their rights and obligations and feel empowered to make accurate and informed decisions that make the most business sense. 

Having a trusted legal advisor shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg

At Levor Legal Consulting (LLC), we ensure that it doesn’t. By tailoring our services on a client-by-client basis, we offer you the opportunity and confidence of having a personal and ‘in-house’ legal consultant without the added pressure of keeping an additional staff member on your payroll.


We offer a combination of payment options such as customised retainer fees and once-off consulting concessions, we ensure that you will have access to the best legal advisors at a flexible rate.  We operate as your business’ outsourced in-house legal team – now that’s what we call Lexi-Flex.

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We will assist you in navigating legal complexities to ensure your business is compliant, protected and resilient.
Our areas of expertise include:

What we Offer

Corporate Governance & Policy Development

We equip shareholders, directors, trustees, beneficiaries, employees and interested parties...

… with the practical legal resources they need to make sound corporate governance decisions which are ethical, sustainable and commercially viable. Corporate governance requires a compliance framework mapped out and steadfastly implemented. This is not always glamorous but attracts investor confidence and represents that a corporation’s infrastructure and constitution are transparent, responsible, accountable and attractive to future investors. We see this as compliance for competitive advantage

  • Incorporation and CIPC registration
  • Trust Title Deeds
  • Director and Shareholder Resolutions
  • Share Registers
  • Share Certificates
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Bespoke Memorandum of Incorporation
  • Governance Advice


Whatever your current business needs, we can tackle the legal, commercial, and operational aspects.

We have a vast range of sectorial and jurisdiction-specific experience spanning: Africa, Europe, the UK, Asia and the Middle East. We are not just “billing units” removed from our clients’ day-to-day business. We take a hands-on approach, seeking to interlock ourselves as your in-house outsourced lawyer so that your business operations are second nature to us. Our clients should have the peace of mind that we can step in to take the reins and help make it rain.

  • Service level and Supply agreements
  • Terms and Conditions of Sale
  • Merchandising Agreements
  • Manufacturing and Distribution Agreements
  • Product Reseller Agreements
  • Agency Agreements
  • Import, Export and Logistics Agreements
  • Unincorporated / Incorporated Joint Venture Agreements
  • Franchising Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Escrow Agreements
  • Commercial Lease Agreements

Software as a Service and Online Platform

Digital transformation is not just a buzzword but a make-or-break strategy...

…for most products and services seeking to reach their target market, generate leads to sale conversion and monetize a digital service solution through a mobile and web app portal.  If you have a technical solution or software as a service offering that you want to turn into a commodity you will need the right online interactive or e-commerce platform and the appropriate legal protection which sets out the what, how, who, and where this data can be processed. We will hold your hand through the development, launch and operational stages of your platform.

We can assist you with the following:

  • Software and Web Development (Master) Agreements
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Software as Service Agreements
  • Platform as a Service Agreements
  • Website and Mobile Application Terms of Service
  • Data Processing Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements

Funding /

Are you raising funding from private equity investors, angel funds, public grants or established venture capital firms?

Our team will support these transactions from incubation to maturity. We draw on our collective of experts for pitch deck support and networking. We negotiate term sheets, analyse dilution projections and solidify mutually beneficial contributions to ensure that an early-stage startup with true potential has both the nurturing and resilience it requires to fly the nest and soar to new heights.  In addition, we offer:

  • Legal aspects pertaining to angel investor funding, venture capital and private equity transactions.
  • Advising Startups and investors in relation to debt and equity financing.
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating loan agreements, security documents and guarantees.
  • Bridge financing agreements.
  • Securitisation (collateral agreements, pledge, cession, surety and guarantees).
  • Loan agreements, convertible loan agreements and SAFE agreements.
  • Preparation of definitive funding agreements following the signing of term sheets (MOIs, Shareholder Agreements, and Subscription Agreements).

Data Protection and Information Security

Having undergone regulatory changes, South African service providers need increased awareness and commitment...

… to protecting confidentiality, integrity and availability of client data. Understanding your role in the data privacy legal landscape is essential not only to avoid potential fines and penalties, but to mitigate against reputational damage and increase customer confidence in your ability to trade internationally. Our lawyers are well-versed in local and international data privacy laws. We provide pragmatic solutions and help to map your compliance with privacy laws. 

and additionally, provide:

  • Privacy Statement, policies and notices
  • POPIA Subject Participation Manuals
  • PAIA Manuals
  • Data Processing Agreements
  • Compliance Frameworks
  • Assistance with ISO 27001 and 27701 certification
  • Data Privacy Audits and Risk Assessments
  • POPIA training
  • Cybersecurity and privacy contract development and negotiations;
  • Alignment of policies and agreements with jurisdiction-specific privacy laws.


The foundation of effective human resource management is well-drafted employment contracts, workplace policies and

At Levor Legal Consulting, we assist with anticipating, managing and resolving workplace issues.

In addition, our team will assist with:

  • Standard Employment Agreements
  • Executive Employment Agreements
  • Temporary Employment Agreements
  • Fixed Term Employment Agreements
  • Consultancy / Service Provider Agreements
  • Employment Dispute Resolution, CCMA and Labour Court Litigation
  • Employee Incentive Schemes
  • Internship Agreements
  • Retrenchments
  • Secondment and Assignment Agreements
  • Human Resources Related Policies and Procedures


With South Africa committed to reducing its carbon emissions — demonstrating its commitment with an imminent Climate Change legislation in the making —

renewable energy production is a valuable and topical issue. At Levor Legal, we understand the financial, policy and regulatory challenges faced by renewable energy producers, distributors or traders vendors with first-hand experience driving renewable energy projects and public tenders to completion.

Our advice covers an array of technologies with a primary focus on solar power. We support our clients in the renewable energy sectors with all commercial, technical, operational and public administrative processes. 

Renewable energy expertise includes the following:

  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Engineering Procurement and Construction Agreements
  • SPV Incorporation
  • Public-Private Partnership Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • IPP Tender Applications
  • Assistance with Licensing Requirements
  • Regulatory Road-mapping 
  • Solar Lease Agreements
  • Project Financing Agreements
  • MOU’s
  • Letters of Intent
  • Land Lease Agreements
  • BB-EE Verifications and Compliance
  • Joint Venture Agreements


As your business grows, so will the importance of intangible assets and the risk that other industries or individuals copies or infringes on them.

Our industry experts try to eliminate this risk by protecting you and your most valuable asset. We introduce strategies to help you protect your Intellectual Property through providing the following services:

  • Trademark identification, search and registrations
  • IP Portfolio Management
  • IP litigation advice
  • Passing off disputes
  • Assignment Agreements
  • Due Diligence
  • Enforcement of IP Rights
  • Developing commercial and employment agreements to include appropriate IP protection.
  • Smart Contracts
  • Escrow Agreements

Non-Profit Organisations

Helping you, to help others. Setting up a non-profit organisation often entails a multitude of administrative tasks...

…funding applications or licensing requirements. It is vital to consider the various legal structures available to an NPO and to ensure that the constitutional documents support the objectives of the organisation. We walk you through the whole process by delivering the following services:

  • Registration and Establishment of Trusts, NPC’s and Voluntary Associations
  • Drafting Bespoke Memorandum of Incorporation
  • Assistance with PBO and S18A Applications
  • Regulatory Road Mapping
  • Drafting of Policies and Founding Documents
  • Drafting Sponsorship Agreements
  • Registration with the Department of Social Development

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Did you know that Lexis is a commonly used unisex name? It is ultimately of Latin origin, coming from the Latin word meaning ‘Law’. How fitting then that our founding director’s name would be Alexis? ‘defender of men’. Some would call it a mere coincidence, but at Levor Legal Consulting, we call it destiny.